Sunday, June 27, 2010

Language ?? really ... ???

Now... am not a person who has the right to speak about politics simply because there is so much I dont know.. and as they say partial knowledge is much more harmful than no knowledge.
I am a Chennai-ite ... and a very proud one too... in my eyes there is no place like Chennai... but I still don't understand all this importance on "Tamizh pride" now there is no doubt that it is a beautiful language with so much richness and culture in it... Thirukural, Avvaiyar, I can go on and on ....
All this being said... is it right to say it is better than any other language ?? If we are proud of our language isn't it obvious that other's are proud of theirs can we claim that our language is superior compared to others?? Is it fair to say that people with Tamizh background will be given a preference and the others will not !!! is Tamilnadu following Maharashtra's footsteps?? is it an ethical thing to do or follow??

380 crores spent on advocating Tamizh and primarily politics ((despite the fact that it was to just promote the language)) .... dont we have much more persistent issues than language ... what about the garbage dump in the suburbs..where there is a current issue of health issues spreading rapidly , conditions of our government schools, inflation ..

It's sad that at this day and age where we speak about globalization and the whole world being one .... this kinda thing takes place... isnt this legal racism and discrimination ?? wont this create more division and hatred ?? the language is great but isn't humanity more important?? Isn't it criminal to waste out tax money on such issues when clearly it can be better spent??

Things like this takes us not just one of two steps ... but miles behind where we stand...

A sad and disappointed Chennai-ite

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My tiny lil pleasures ......

Well ... I have always heard about how one should enjoy the tiny moments of life .... the simple pleasures... here are my favorite ... tiny practically insignificant things that always bring a smile on my face ...

- long hot showers
- looking at old family photos
- sitting on my terrace tank and do nothing but look at the moon and stars for hours
- play with the street dogs
- long walks in deserted roads in the middle of the night ((yeah I am weird :) ))
- Eating bajjis ((pakoras / fried veggies)) on the beach with friends
- drinking my regular coffee at my regular coffee joint
- the smell of hot instant noodles ....
- the smell of home-made ghee
- watching romantic movies and welling up at silly things
- doodling on ... well anything paper, walls, random dusty cars
- sleeping in on rainy days
- sleeping in any-day
- giving and receiving foot massages
- mum's sambar
- finding money unexpectedly in my pocket
- reading the comics section every sunday morning
- playing dorky board games
- smiling at strangers
- long bike rides on chilly- rainy days
- traffic free every morning drives
- warm blue-berry muffins .... mmmm
- good hair days :)
- a good gripping novel
- recieving random unexpected compliments ((Its kinda narcissistic and is definitely vanity ... but honestly it makes my day))
- phone calls from friends I haven't spoken to in a while
- the feel of warm clothes right out of the dryer
- not so thick curtains that make my room look a particular color every morning ... i keep changing it for different moods
- reminiscing about old time with close friends ((I feel so much older while writing this :P ))
- finally figuring out the lyrics of the song in my head

Come to think of it ... I love a lot of small pleasures ... and I can go on and on ..but I will stop rambling now .... sigh ... :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random - Doodling

Well .. as usual I have not been posting regularly ... :(

Off-late I have started taking doodling seriously ... Its been ages since I painted on a canvas ... random pencil sketches are all I do these days ((instead of doing my assignment ... damn me !! ))... Guess I will start on charcoal soon :) ....

I guess my cluttered mind is clearly seen in my random sketches ... Below is one of the many pages I doodled through during my lectures ((Damn ME again!! )) ..

My friend who took a pic of my doodles ... sent me the inverted images ... I actually like the inverted version better :P ...

Update on what I have been up-to ... am half way through my masters in business :D .... boy .. its hard work ... phew... Hopefully I'll be regular this time :P

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


PROcrastination ...... I ve had a long term relationship wit it !!! saving things for th last min .. n then makin up excuses 2 myself .. so that i dont feel guilty !!! ... my dad always said.. my laziness is my biggest enemy .. n now .... I get his point ...... one might be a really wonderful person but when they choose their weakness over whats the right thing to do ... there's no point of being a nice person cos .. U r what u do not what u think ((though thoughts r important .. but what good is it if it cant be put in action ?? ... ))

There are few people who r really nice.. they think n care abt others.... they ve their own rights n wrongs ... n they kno for sure wat draws a line between them ... but its sad ... that these nice ppl ... r controlled by their laziness and procrastination  .... knowin wat has 2 b done is jus th 1st step.... blessed  those who know ...... but ... how sad is it .. that they dont do it .. jus cos it takes an extra effort 2 do th rt thing ?? wats th difference between them and the people who dont kno n dont care ?

I am 21 rt now... n i was thinking last night .. that ....i ve no rt  call myslf a gud person just cos i have done no wrong !!! jus cos i didnt hurt any1 ... or that i m not guilty ... doesnt mean m a good person .... thats jus how  normal person should be.... wat makes a gud person a notch or 1 above th normal 1 ..... 

Define - a nice/good person ??? ----

is it .. a person . who doesnt hurt any1 .... 
 a person who cares abt others 
a person who speaks his/her mind?
or a person who's conscious is clear ?????

Umm... arent all the things I just mentioned above the qualities that a normal person .. ((neither nice nor bad )) should have ??? ((and NO .... am not having a whats right and whats wrongs talk here .... cause .. hey .... it defers form one individual to another )) Ok ... lets assume ... there are three categories of people.... TYPE A - GOOD ... TYPE B - NORMAL.... TYPE C - PRE-OCCUPIED ....... 

lets go backwards... TYPE C ... deals with people who are trying go figure out their rights from wrongs .... finding a way to deal with people and control their anger/ego/pride..... there's nothing wrong with these people.... they are too busy with their life ... so they have no time to deal with anyone else's ... these are the people who find their life too complicated to handle... and hopefully ... they'll find a way to do so 

whereas TYPE B ..... they care about a bunch of people... have their circles.... family .... friends... they have their defined set of values and try their best to stick to it... they dont hurt people, consciously atleast ... and their conscious is .. well...... clear ....

TYPE A ...... these people.. are those who ... care n love ... beyond their family n friends circle... they go an extra mile 2 make sure that they dont hurt ... even ppl they hardly kno ... they might be lazy/angry ppl ... but they have learnt to control their weakness and get past it .... they think a lot ... but most of all they put their thoughts in2 action ..... 

well ..... Siiigh ...... I've a loooong way to go.... :|

Just an Update

Loooong time ...... its been ages since my last post ... Anyway ... m almost a graduate now :O ... ((look who's all grown up :P yeah yeah m 21 now :D )) 

I have been living on my own for the last 5 months n ve finally come back home :) .... N living alone made me realise that .... I do miss my family but I like being on my own .... N ... the best thing ... I can manage living on my own ... i can work n cook for myself :D 

Though I always knew that I can be on my own ... this experience has been a confidence boost :) 

What I missed the most....... hmmmm.... m not really sure of that .... family ,.... friends .... Chennai ???? hmmmm......... 

hopefully I'll post a lot more often this time :D 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

FUR !!!!! no thank u

well lemme begin with something that I always stood up for and recently did a survey on it 2 ... and after doing my research .... i found out the various alternatives available for fur ....

the list of cruelty is endless ... and the anti-fur coalition has taken a number of awareness creating steps.... including makin real life videos of how the animals are skinned and there is a song 2 ... by noa lembersky .. which is called skinned alive .. that measure was taken by PETA ..
there are artificial fur available in the market ... and for people who already own fur.. there are many organisations which take them as donations for the people in th colder regions ...

guess this video says a lot !!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ME time for girls .......

have u ever wondered how many women in India indulge in themselves..... how many of them can spend money on what they like... without considering how important it is for her family ...... how will it benifit her kids..... ???? how many women would consider a day in the spa , without feeling guilty that they wasted money on themselves........

as th trend is just begining in India that women ...... umm ... well feel liberated enough to pamper themselves -guilt free!!! its far from being popular ..... in most cases .... its considered immoral for a women to put her-self 1st ...... its considered the " bigheartedness" of Indian women ...... so I ask .. if a person thinks that pampering herself is right ..... does that make her a bad person ..... does it make her selfish .... ???

In a country where earning more than the spouse is something that is unthinkable .... i mean sure there are women ((very few of them ... may I add)) who earn more than their spouse and yet manage to maintain an ego-tiff free relationship ....... hats off to them !!!!!!!! n their spouse!!!

many of us speak about women liberation ..... and women empowerment ...... n i assume that many of us contribute towards it too ..... in their own ways ...... but come on ..... lets face it ...... its true that women of India have finally started making their move towards equality ...... but i must add...... we are far from achieving it .......

be it at work ... or at home...... women fight everyday to be treated equal ...... for people to respect their individuality ...... its sad that its so hard for most of our fellow country men to understand and let go of the ways of th past .....

one may argue that India is a growing country .. and all this will take its own sweet time...... but one should realize that India will progress only if its youth make a move towards it instead of running to work-places abroad to make quick money ((which i'll speak about in a new post :) )) ....... and half of the youth are women .... and honestly .... I love my country and all that is there ...... but I know for a fact that we can do waaay better if we learn to respect each other and start working together ... keeping our ego ((lets say .... male ego too )) aside......

to all th men out there...... I m not trying to put forth a feminist issue ...... actually i wouldnt call myslef a feminist at all ......m an equal-ist ... and m just speaking about what most of the women in India face ..... Including me .. even though I come from a metropolitan and an educated family ....

look around u ...... almost everywhere u see ... every women u know ..... is bound by these sometimes said and sometimes unsaid code of conduct ..... and somehow crawls its way into culture and tradition ..... culture and tradition helps us in being rooted and instills values like ((honesty , braveness, loving and caring nature, peace of mind etc )) ..... most of us have covered our ego issues as tradition ...... !! how long do we plan to mask it , n run away from facing the fact ???

every modern household ((almost )) faces fights and disputes over these issues...... every girl who wants to make it big .... has to fight ..... !!!! actually i'll re-phrase .... every girl who wants to have her own identity has to fight ... not just with th outside world .... with her family too .......

in a place where being a single women at 27 is considered a shame ...... where parents black-mail kids sayin " we raised u ...... and u cant give us the pleasure of seeing our grandchildren ....... " , where girls are actually brought up keeping only their marriage in mind ..... and parents consider it as their prime duty to get us "properly wed " ...... I'd just like to say ... that I think its about time that we demand to be treated as an individual .....and start raising children with the idea to make sure that they are good people...... kind hearted and self-less, who can stand up for themselves and fight for whats right ...... instead of day-dreaming about grand-children and cursing fate if things dont turn out as u had hoped it would .....

we being the youth of the country ..... need role models ..... and like every1 els .... we are most likely to look upto our family 1st ...... so I would finally like to conclude this post , even-though i can go on and on ...... n would like to say that eventhough we curse that its not us ..... but th society is like that ... things are like that and it will take ages to change ..... we have to understand that we are th society .. and if we change th society will change too ..... every small contribution will make its mark ...... girls please stand up for yourself!!! fear n so called moral obligations needn't hold us back ...... listen to the voice inside u and do what u think is right ..... not whats being told the popular saying goes "charity begins at home " , one's contribution begins at home 2 ,tiny tiny changes that we can make in our day to day life goes a long way ... ((hey do i wound like a politician ..... i donnu........ but honestly .... this is a serious issue )) ......